Testemunho de três alunas Polacas sobre a sua estadia na ESTCB
Mobilidade / 2011-01-30


Hello. We are three Polish girls that have chosen to come to Portugal. We chose Portugal because we thought that it is a country with a decidedly different culture and habits than Poland. We were not disappointed in this respect. Thanks for residing here we saw many interesting habits and celebration such as “latada”. We also regret that we do not celebrate it in Poland, however we also have something to be proud of.

We came to the Castelo Branco because one semester before was here one of our colleague and he claimed that this is a very nice city with interesting people. Here we met many people not only from Portugal but also from other countries (erazmus student) and we have to confirm that the Portuguese are very polite people with delicious cuisine.

Now is the time to mention something about the school..... Lecturers for the students here are like real friends, supported us at every step and helped us devoting their free time. They were really understanding as we are unable to use language Portuguese and try to give us the task whom we can cope.

Furthermore, we must mention of the Erasmus coordinator at EST school, sir Roberto. He really is a fantastic person, he always knew how to cheer and support us. Really knows how to release tension and laugh to tears. Pity that we can not to take him to Poland :) We just regret the whole time being here that EST is not our only faculty. So came here and you will not regret it we can guarantee to you!!!!

Regards from Ilona, Kasia i Mariola.

Para mais informações em: http://www.est.ipcb.pt/net