Testemunho de alunos Erasmus da Grécia
Mobilidade / 2014-07-21

Testemunho de alunos Erasmus da Grécia que no segundo semestre de 2013/14 frequentaram a ESTCB:

" We had the chance to live and study for five months in IPCB, EST at Portugal. It was a lifetime experience for us that will help us in our future plans and studies.

As far as the university, the department of EST offers high quality education. All the professors, the teaching stuff and the employees were always willing to help us during the time of our stay. In addition,  with the variety of the labs, that almost all the classes have, it is easy to learn and practice in real conditions. Except of the studies don't forget that the Erasmus program  is a cultural exchange. Portugal is the ideal country for all tastes. Because of its small size it is easy for an exchange student to see almost every part of it and experience a new culture.

In conclusion if you are a student do not lose the change for such a wonderful experience. Even if you have never had a thought to be an exchange student, don't hesitate. You will never forget it.

 Zacharias Michalakis, Athanasios and Georgia

Para mais informações em: http://www.est.ipcb.pt