Testemunho de um Aluno Erasmus na ESTCB: Cihan ERSALI, da Akdeniz University (Turquia)
Mobilidade / 2012-03-19


Hello, I’m Cihan ERSALI  from Turkey I studied electronics and telecommunication engineering in technology school EST in Castelo Branco for one semester.
Everything began that day, one of my friends was filling some documents, I looked and said what was it about, she told these were erasmus application documents and come you fill too… it was nearly one year ago. And here I am in Portugal;
First of all it was the first time for me to be abroad so everything is meant to be different, people, languages, cultures, lifestyles etc. and it was…  I think the best part was to meet new people and be friend with them, especially the other erasmus students from different countries, this is for sure that there can’t be any other ambiance in which people are getting socialized that fast, because everybody is here to make new friends, have new experiences of course have fun and reach the ultimate levels of entertainment. 
I made lots of new friends, had lots of experiences sometimes dangerous ones  I even drove from Rome to Venice without driving license, I travelled Europe as much as I could afford  like Spain, Italy France, Czech, Poland, Germany etc. and visited the most beautiful cities of them, It really worth it. And  I really liked Castelo Branco a beautiful small city where you can easily find cheap booze, and portuguese people, maybe they were shorter than I expected :D but very kind helpful and friendly. As usual time passed so quickly that I couldn’t even realize it has been five months, now I have only couple of days to leave, this is sad but there are people that I’ve  missed so much in my country I think this is the sign that shows it’s time to go.
Thanks a lot to everyone for their interest and whose help I may have received, take good care I will miss you all.

Para mais informações em: http://www.est.ipcb.pt