Testemunho de Vikas Kumar Gupta sobre a sua estadia na ESTCB
Mobilidade / 2010-09-23


Well first of my little introduction. Well, I am Vikas Kumar Gupta, a student of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, India. I did my summer internship in your institute from May 21 to July 15 2007 and my experiences were awesome.

The professor under which I was doing my project, Prof. Jose Salvado, was really a great personality, one of the few best teachers I found in my life. He has got tremendous knowledge, not only in his field but every field. When we reach Portugal, we were a bit nervous about our stay and project. But when we met Prof Jose Salvado, our problems vanished. He made us comfortable at home and whenever we had any problem we just used to inform him and he would solve in no matter of time. Not only a good  teacher, he is an equally good human being. His thoughts and way of approaching any problem is amazingly good. He is the best teacher I have ever seen in my life. Working with him was a great experience and it has changed my life in a better way.

As far as Portugal, as a country, is concerned, I loved your country in those two months itself. It was far beyond my imagination. The best part was that most of the people were very friendly and ready to help. You people have great attitude and behavior. Your culture was a bit new for me, but I adapted to it quickly and appreciated it and enjoyed most of the time. Not only Castelo Branco, I visited Porto and Lisbon, and found them equally good.

I must thank your institute and all the people of the institute for their kind support and generous help. I would like to thank the Librarian, the laboratory in charge, you and all the International office staff, Prof Jose Salvado and all other members of the institute. Without you people's support and Prof Jose Salvado's help, my project would not have been practically feasible.

Our trip was great and we enjoyed being in Portugal. The support and help we got from you people were amazingly good. Our internship under the able guidance of Prof Jose Salvado went very well and this has filled a new confidence in us. Our paper has finally been selected for publication in a conference in Portugal. You people are really very good and friendly. If I ever get a chance in future to visit Portugal, I will be too happy to be in your land again.

Thank you all...

Vikas Kumar Gupta

B.Tech, Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology

Roorkee, India

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