IROS 2014 Workshop: Standardized Knowledge Representation and Ontologies for Robotics and Automation

to be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1:30PM, September 18th, 2014.

Please find the Proceedings pdf file here: proceedings_iros2014_workshop_ieee_ora.pdf

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Robotics is becoming a mainstream phenomenon with a wide range of applications. Current systems rely more and more on robot and robot communication and robot–human interaction. These trends are well represented by the recently released IEC/ISO standards (ISO 8373, ISO 13482), nesting the context for a standardized collaborative human–robot environment. One of the basic requirements for any type of robot communication is the need for a common vocabulary with clear and concise definitions. With the growing complexity of behaviors that robots are expected to perform as well as the rise of multi-robot and human–robot collaboration, the need for a well-defined knowledge representation is becoming evident. The existence of such a standard knowledge representation would:

  • define precisely concepts and relations in the robot’s knowledge representation,
  • ensure common understanding among members of the community and
  • facilitate efficient data integration and transfer of information among robotic systems.

Information included in this knowledge representation could include, but is not limited to, robot hardware and software activities and goals, the environment, cause and effects of performing actions, relationship among other robots and people.

Topics of interest

- Standards for robotics and automation
- Ontology development for robotics and automation
- Ontology Based Standards for engineering and industrial domains
- Knowledge representation for robotics and automation
- Reasoning techniques for robotics and automation ontologies
- Context awareness
- Activity recognition
- Ontology engineering frameworks and methodologies
- Knowledge enabled control of robots
- Industrial automation using ontologies
- Robot-robot collaboration using ontologies
- Human-robot collaboration using ontologies
- Human-robot intention recognition
- Knowledge representation and reasoning in ubiquitous environments.


The primary goal of this workshop is to present and disseminate the current versions of standards and draft standards regarding robot interaction and knowledge sharing. The forum should provide a platform for the deeply affected community to exchange experience Robotics, automation and ontology communities at large are contacted and expected to attend in order to discuss and improve the outcome of the IEEE-RAS Working Group entitled “Ontologies for Robotics and Automation” (IEEE WG ORA). This group aims to develop a standard ontology and associated methodology for knowledge representation and reasoning in robotics and automation. This standard will provide a unified way for representing knowledge allowing for unambiguous knowledge transfer among any group of humans, robots, and other artificial systems. IEEE WG ORA has more than 150 members from different countries around the globe.

This workshop will have papers and presentations from different areas such as knowledge representations for industrial robots, service robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, and others. All of them are expected to address knowledge representation and reasoning challenges. We will invite prominent researchers that are involved in related research to the workshop to give invited talks. We will also explore a journal special issue with extended version of the best papers presented.

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